Day 40: February 21, 2012

Day 40

Read Psalm 67

O living and loving God, creator of the universe, giver of all good gifts to your children,

our rock and our salvation, our certainty in times of change and challenge,

we thank you for your abiding presence and your dependable power. 

How great and wonderful you are. 

How great is your faithfulness.

When we encounter change that brings disruption and turmoil, we are gripped by fear. 

Today we thank you for supporting us through these times of change. 

We thank you that when new challenges bring uncertainty,

you provide a new grip on reality. 

We thank you for being with us with your extended hand of rescue and recovery. 

How great and wonderful you are. 

How great is your faithfulness.

Although we are faced with the possibility of the end,

we are encouraged to find in each new day,

in every situation and circumstance,

the exciting promise of your presence and provision. 

We confess that we find it difficult to make plans or to look ahead with confidence.   Give to us the faith to rely upon your abiding hope for us,

which helps us bring all things into focus and perspective.

Bless, we pray, all those people in today’s world who are living in the midst of changes so radical that they can never pause to catch their breath. 

In Iraq and Afghanistan, in Gaza and Israel, in Sudan and China,

in United States and Mexico, spare the ones who live there from violence as you lead them to new experience of peace, justice, and freedom. 

O God, give us visions of shalom so that we might work for constructive endeavors rather than brutality and suppression as world leaders seek for answers to gigantic problems. 

Make us love as we have never loved before. 

Lead us into avenues of service that are as broad as our newfound vision can take in. 

Give us the courage to speak for right and truth that can only happen when we are embraced by your divine grace. 

Give us insights so sensitive to suffering and human need that we shall be seen as bearers of the cross.

We pray for our leaders of our country and for leaders around the world. 

We pray for a community in which industry and commerce,

education and culture, recreation and diversion,

technology and the arts

may all be pursued as if they had goals with little time left to be attained. 

We pray for patience with our problems. 

Depending on your gracious love, help us to see ourselves as you see us and to see one another through your forgiving eyes.

O God, we hold before our city. 

We pray that you will bring new life to declining neighborhoods. 

Strengthen the resolve of those who work in our schools to offer education

as a tool for positive change and defense against the evils

that seem to have overtaken so many. 

Help all if us to reach for the hope which alone can put meaning back into our frustrations and healing in to our brokenness. 

Forgive our arrogance.

We place ourselves into your hands

asking that you give us the hearts and minds to trust you

as we step into the new days of the future. 

We pray that you show us how to build the kind of church

and the quality of a common life for our society that will truly reflect

all that our Lord has taught us about obedience to your perfect will. 

We offer these, our prayers, through the same Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Prayer Focus:

HPCUMC as we seek to live into our mission to “Share the love of Jesus to transform lives, Cincinnati and the world.”

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  The journey continues.

Worship with us at 7 PM in the Sanctuary.


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Day 39: Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 39

Read Hebrews 3:1-6

O Lord our God,

            Give light to our eyes

                        That we may see your light,

                                    the brightly shining light of reconciliation.

            Our greatest misunderstanding is not to see the light in the broad daylight.

            Take this away from us,

from all the Christians who today celebrate Easter

in the right or in the wrong spirit,

from all humankind near and far

            who struggle with the news of such magnitude.

            Bless whatever efforts are made to bear witness

to your name, your kingdom, and your will in our church

as well as in other churches and

Christian communities that are still separated from one another. 

Give each of us insight and wisdom. 

            We pray especially today for all who govern us. 

Give them all honest efforts whether they be

civil authorities,


courts here and in all the corners of the world. 

Strengthen the teachers

in their commitment to the high task of educating

the coming generations;

the editors and reports in their sense of responsibility

for influencing public opinion;

the doctors and nurses in their faithful work

of alleviating the pain of those entrusted to their


By your comfort and direction, make us for our failure to provide

compassion to the people around us. 

Into your hands we commend ourselves and our needs,

together with those of the world.  

In you we hope.  In you we trust. 

You have never put to shame your people when we earnestly call on you.  What you have begun, you will bring to completion. 

We offer ourselves to you on this great and glorious day.  Amen

Prayer Focus

Church staff, pastors, and lay leaders.

Day 38: Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 38

Read Psalm 16

O Lord our God,

            We give you thanks that we may meet you in this hour

                        to bring before you all that troubles us,

                        to hear together the good news of the salvation of the world,

                        to give you honor and glory.

            Come into our midst!

            Awaken us to your presence!

            Give us your light!

            Be our teacher and comforter!

            Speak to each one of us in such a way

                        that we may hear that personal word of help we need.

            Show your mercy to all who are gathered here this morning

                        as your congregation.

            Keep us all steadfast in you word.

            Keep us from hypocrisy,

                        error and distraction.         

            Give us insight and hope,

                        a clear word of witness and joyful hearts.

                                    through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

Prayer Focus: 

Global Outreach Mission Team arriving in Liberia today.

Timothy Bias, John Bossert, Barbara Fillion, John Fillion, Sara Thomas, Cindy Ware, Warren Webster, Karen Webster.

Day 37: Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 37

Read Matthew 18:1-6


Gracious and loving God,

We give you thanks and praise for the children

For their wonder that teaches us to look at life through the lens of possibility

For the promise of goodness that is pure, true, and genuine

For their unceasing energy that can move mountains

For their imagination to dream in techni-color

For their innocence that trusts the world to guide the way

For the messes formed in the wake of creativity,

For all these things and more, we give you thanks for the children of the world.

We seek to be your people who live up to the expectations of a child

Where one comes seeking, may we receive their exuberance with open arms

In the places of war, may they give us a glimpse of your promise

In the places of learning, may they remind us of your unfailing devotion to change us

In the places of play, may they remind us of your presence in all things

In the places of wonder, may they remind us of your awe and splendor.

Today and always, Lord, shape your church to be ready to receive the children:

Running up sidewalks and passing through hallways,

following stairwells and opening doors to possibility,

grant us the vision to see the world again through the same eyes you created in them.  Place their mastery of the now in the presence of those who hesitate to follow you with actions. 

Finally Lord, when the day is done, give us the same peace you offered us yesterday and provide for us today, for thine is the kingdom, the power and all the glory.  Amen.

Prayer Focus

Children and Youth ministry:  Sunday School Classes & Teachers

Day 36: Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 36

Read Psalm 71

Lord Jesus,

We bring you praise and glory for our place in your story, Lord.  A life filled to overflowing.  A church abundant.  The power of your hope and peace.  Our place in your life.  For the ways you make yourself known to us and the love you offer to us, we are grateful, Jesus.  We meet you as people who seek to know the power of your love and the promise of your goodness of our life.  In the places that fill us to overflowing with your love, we give you thanks and praise.  We consider it a blessing to be called your sons and daughters and are thankful for the ways you continue to use us as instruments of your peace and love in the world. 

We know also, Jesus, that we need your power and your strength at work in our lives.  In the places where life is out of step with you, where our health is failing or we stand uncertain of how to move forward, we desire nothing more than your will to intercede in our lives.  Use us for the goodness and the glory, bring us to a place of promise with you, Lord. 

Help us always to know of your great love for us. Because you are the one who continues to seek us out and call us forward, we call out to you, Lord, for the hope of the world.  Here in our city and around the world, you know the growing needs for food and water, you know where disease is rampant.  Use your church to be a sign and signal of the hope offered in you. 

Lord Jesus, send your Spirit on us this day, reign in our lives and through your church to move mountains where you need to move mountains and guide us on the way to become more who you would have us be.  We are thankful, Lord, for the ways you use us, give to us and offer us the powerful word of love that is you.  To you, Lord Jesus, we give all the glory.  Amen 

Prayer Focus

Adults Growing Together:  Sunday School Classes:  Faith Weaver, Frist Friday

Day 35: Thursday, February 16, 2012


Day 35

Read Matthew 6:22-23

As we bow before you, Almighty God,

we are humbled by your ability to bend our hearts toward your ways

we are encouraged to hear the good news of great love

we are overwhelmed by your majesty, so remind us of our humble place on this earth

That as we make our plans, you might upgrade our ideas to be worthy of you

And as we work for a wage, we might be mindful of the one who is looking for work

As we eat with family, give us a mindfulness of the one who is lonely

As we enter the story of our day, may we be aware you are the author of life

We pray for our police officers and city officials,

For the government leaders and the elected judges,

give to each a measure of your grace to govern our world with your guidance

For the teachers, administrators and aides in our schools,

the parents, students and volunteers, all who come seeking to help another learn, may the knowledge of your love overwhelm the classrooms.

For the addict, the criminal, the abuser and the hater,

meet them today in their very place of need,

redeem the places of our lives that echo the visible needs in our world and walk with us down the dark valleys so we might encounter your light. 

For the firefighter, police officers, EMTs, the doctors, nurses, and administrators, the researchers, programmers, technicians and

all who give themselves in service to you, may they know of your presence. 

Lord, we know in all the places that appear dark to our eyes,

you have the power to fill with your light. 

May your Spirit fall on us as we minister in your wisdom and grace for the needs of the world. 

Get us out of the way so we might be right where you need us today as we giving thanks for your love at work in our lives, In the Name of Jesus we pray,  Amen.

Prayer Focus

Communication Ministry

Day 34: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 34

Read Matthew 5:1-12

Lord Jesus,

In the smallness of our hearts we have failed to love you,

In the smallness of our lives we shrink before your mercy and grace.

In the recesses of our being we regret that we fail to acknowledge your claim on our lives

So move us to a place of wonder and hope

Grant us the deep and abiding peace that comes from you,

Not for our own provision, but, for your glory.

As we step into a new day, may our words give you praise

As we sit around tables, may our plans align with your plans

As we care for others, may we see your face in their face

As we drive to our destination, may the journey be filled with grace

For it is not in our doing that we know of your goodness

And it is not in our idleness that we know of your promise

Remind us again it is in our very being one of your children

that all things reign under your wisdom and love.

As a church, make us bold in our actions for peace and active in our movement to draw closer to you.

Shape us to be a place where worry and heartache can receive your

healing balm and hurt and hang-up can be overcome by your power.

Move in us and through us and with us to stir your spirit

in ways we can’t even begin to ask or imagine.

For we desire nothing more than to reflect the love that you first offered to us.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Prayer Focus

Congregational Care Ministry:  Grief Share Group and Recovery Group

If you’d like to be a part of the “Home Team” to support the Liberia Mission Team in prayer, let us know here.